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Denby Road

Site of gravel pit where Joseph Denby built a cottage in 1822.

Fairmile Common

Hummocky ground from abandoned pits excavated for road making materials.

Cobham fold was a postern gate for the Tudor deerpark.

Fairmile Farm.  Owned by John Southey, 15th Lord Somerville.  Inventor of a number of farm implements. 

Windmill in the early 19th near the site of the present hotel.

Portsmouth Road

The Fairmile stretch was the site of cycle racing in the 1870s. It is also where an AA man was prosecuted for warning motorists of a police speed trap. 

16 mile stone opposite junction with Fairmile Road.  Incorporated into a chain link fence. 18in high with distances on it.

Milestone outside Fairmile Hotel  similar to the other.

Fairmile Hotel. Built by Dr.William Anderson

Fairmile Cottage.  Invicta Cars started by Noel Macklin.  Later he started Fairmile Engineering which imported Chassis from the USA.  firm made Railton car-using chassis delivered from Chiswick and bodywork made in Ealing and Hanwell  in 1930s.  In ther 1930s Railton Motors was sold to the US Hudson Motors and the works made Fairmile motor gunboats. Later taken over by the Ministry of Defence. Presented with the bell from HMS Cobham.

The Gate Lodge was built at the same time as the main house for the gatekeeper and his family (see photo left). The original wrought iron gate has been restored, however many other gates were melted down to make equipment in World War II

The Fairmile

Moleshilt House, Flower arranger's romantic walled garden. Topiary and garlanded cisterns around house); circular lawn surrounded by borders designed for drought     tolerance; hot garden with railway sleeper feature; gravel bed; dovecote; bee alcoves; sorbus lutescens avenue, bog garden, paving and pots.


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