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Brighton Road

National Westminster Bank 1902 by Frederick Wheeler, with nice Art Nouveau carving around the windows. 

Sutton Lodge.  Georgian farmhouse of the chalk land.  Near old toll bar

Sutherland House, by Robert J. Wood & Partners 1961-6, eleven storeys with bands of white mosaic. 

Stowford mid c 19,

139, a pretty c 18 house of three bays, with circular window over the door and lower wings

Sutton Station . 1847 opened. Between West Sutton and Carshalton on Thames Link. Between Carshalton and also Carshalton Beeches and Belmont and also Cheam and also West Sutton on Southern Trains. In 1868 Line built from Peckham Rye and in 1865 the Line from Epsom Downs. In the 1860s it was still a two platform wayside station but because of expected race traffic a new waiting room and booking offices were built. The current station was built in 1924 when the line from Wimbledon put in rebuilt and this included new road level buildings and staircases. In 1930 a line from Wimbledon via South Merton opened on and electric Southern Railway line from Holborn

Sutton Court Road

Vigilant House by Robert J. Wood & Partners, 1961-6, still in the Miesian tradition with its seventeen storeys of curtain walling. The structure is of reinforced concrete, cantilevered out on two sides, so that, as one approaches, the building seems to float above a void  - in fact a sunken car park. Spandrel panels are in a neutral pale green; the top floor is finished off neatly by a broad black band.

Sentinel House, is of four storeys, with the same details, but on stilts. Linked to Vigilant House by an ingenious T-shaped entrance bridge over the car park.

Watermead House, by the same firm, 1975. Faced with unbonded white tiles,

Bank Mansions, only four storeys high, by Trehearne, Norman, Preston  & Partners, 1979, white tiles and bronze windows.

Two linked slab blocks faced in granite, by Brewer, Smithy Brewer, 1979-80.

Westmoreland House 1975

Cavendish Road:

Fiske Court. . The new scale is used even for old people's flats with some originality. By Rock Townsen  1978. Two four-storey blocks linked by a greenhouse-type projecting gallery at third-floor level. The lift to the gallery in a separate tower. Four staircases painted in bright primary colours. Whether this high-technology approach appeals the residents is another matter. 

Christ Church Park

Christ Church, Built 1888 by Newman & Jacques. Red brick,. No tower. Lancet windows. The end has a separate porch with doorways in three directions and the baptistery between two low bays is 1910-12 by D. Round. Inside there is a spectacular rood screen with the rood supported on an openwork crown.


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