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Holly Bank

Methodist Home for the Aged

Mill Lane

Byfleet Mill . On the Wey – a mill has been on this site at least since Domesday. It was a corn mill until 17th  then from 1645 a paper mill called King's Mill, which belonged to Catherine of Braganza, and which was visited by John Evelyn. In 1673 it was leased to the Company of White Papermakers of England but it then became an iron and brass mill in 1703 by the Bristol Company of Wiredrawers.. Paper was made again in 1794, and then corn again. In 1930 it was closed as part of a flood prevention scheme. It now stands on a romantically situated island., it is Weatherboarded and rather battered

Mill House.  Lumpish Georgian house

Byfleet Park, Manor House.  A medieval manor was demolished in the 1540s.  There was some rebuilding.., It had been a Royal Hunting Lodge given to Henry Prince of Wales.  Anne of Denmark lived there and planted the pines and extensive building was carried out in the 1620s.  . It was rebuilt but smaller using the same materials In 1686 and the current manor is a brick building with impressive gate piers by Wendel Detterlein.  More work left the basic 17th plan unaltered. 

Church. 14th nave and chancel. Painting of a king. Brasses.

Redhill Road


Model Farm. Nightmare. Sinister and neurotic. Like Soane at his most eerie.


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