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Burnt Stub

Burnt Stub. Partly early c 19 castellated, but mostly later Victorian in a neo-Jacobean style.  Burnt down by the Parliamentarians in the Civil War.  Has now become Hocus Pocus Hall. part of Chessington Zoo. The name is older. It appears as Burnt Stubb on the Ordnance Survey of 1819 and as ‘Burn Stub Farm’ on Rocque's map of 1765, the meaning being 'burnt tree stump', from Middle English ‘stubb’.

Chessington Zoo. Opened in 1931.  has become Chessington World of Adventures. 

Chalky Lane

Monk's Cottage later c 16 is timber-framed.

Embankment from the railway made up of spoil dumped almost as far as this. In the 1940s the embankment was continued by Royal Engineers as a training exercise goes as far as Chessington Wood. Can be seen plus railway fencing.


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