St.Paul's Cray

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Broomwood Hill

Bronze Age enclosure. On the site of the modern church. It consisted of a rectangular embanked enclosure 120 ft by 60 ft with entrances in the middle of the sides. Within were the foundations of at least two circular timber-built huts and a general scatter of flint-knapping debris and artifacts of Early Bronze Age character.


Hoblingwell wood

Turned into park by London County Council as part of the St.Paul's Cray Estate; London County Council estate

Rushet Road

St.Barnabas Church. 1962. Stands on a Bronze Age site

Whippendell Way

76 hole in the ground appeared in the night . In March 1980..Mrs .Ethel Jones,aged 74,told  her neighbour Mrs.Roberts that she had felt the ground in her garden move.   Other neighbours claimed to hear the sound of rushing water below ground level.  Cracks appeared in the walls of Mrs.Jones' house and, fearful of her safety,her next door neighbour at no.74, Mrs.Ball, Invited her to spend the night of Wednesday 12th.March with her.In the middle of the night a rumbling sound was heard  and the house shook..   The two ladies went out to investigate and Mrs.Jones fell down a newly opened hole,breaking her leg.   Ambulancemen had difficulty in rescuing her because of falling earth.,   The terrace of houses was subsquently  emptied and its future is uncertain.  Whether the collapse was due to the existence of a mine a denehole or a washout from a burst water main,is not clear However Mrs.Ball is quoted as saying that exactly the same thing had happened 23 years earlier.   The final dimensions of the hole were a diameter of 1?' and a similar depth.  


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