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Post to the north Sundridge Park

Addison Road


Name about a man called Bicca and a woodland clearing dating from around 1279. ‘Byckeleye’ 1279, ‘Bykeieye’ 1292, ‘Bikeleye’ 1297, 'woodland clearing on or near a pointed ridge', or 'woodland clearing of a man called Bica', from Old English ‘bica or personal name and ‘leah’.

Bickley Road

The Old Cottage. c.1599. Behind a brick wall. Red brick and half timbered. behind a brick wall and gateway dated  1599. The gate arch is still straight-sided, a pre-Renaissance  form, with a stretched brick hoodmould and a gable with the  stumps of octagonal finials. The cottage itself also c 1599  Timber-framed, with some red brick. Gabled porch open  below on flat, shaped, baluster-like posts. The plan not sym-  metrical, but of the -lobby-entry' type, the coming thing at  that date. (In the w upper room a stone fireplace with a  phoenix over it set in a roundel with Mannerist pilasters ) 

3 Orchard Cottage, Attractive, colourful and varied garden, compartmentalised and themed, with many interesting and unusual herbaceous plants and shrubs. Including areas of scree beds, troughs and pots with alpines and other specialist plants.

Bird in Hand pub

Bird in Hand Lane

Westwood, Newton, 1889. The same ingredients, with the same windows, rectangular but of any convenient proportion. Big off-centre chimney breast.

 8 by Newton, built for himself in 1884, so exceptionally early

Chatterton Road

Cowper Close

Cowper Road


22, a very early work of W. Curtis Green, 1899, roughcast, with a pair of shallow window-bows and a Venetian motif in the gable,

Molescroft, also 1899, also roughcast, by Newton.

58 by Figgis the much coarser 1908


Johnson Road

Park Farm Road


Plaistow Lane


Plaistow Lane

Convent, Holy Trinity. Early eighteenth century house. Present entrance is modern. An early  C 18 house of three storeys, the top one treated as an attic   Dark  red brick. No entrance on this side, or on the opposite side  which was remodelled late in the c 18 with a big bow for the  full height. The present entrance is modern. This description  refers to the r. block; for the block that answers it and the  recessed centre pinched between the two were only added in  the early C20.

Good style houses.  Ice well

107 Newton 1902

46 Crown Pub


Pope Road

Sundridge  Park

1794 improved by Humphrey Repton and William Kent,

Sundridge Avenue

26 by W. J. Pamphilon, further witty displays of Newtonisms, 1906

28 by F. Baxendale, 1906 further witty displays of Newtonisms

Used to be two iron houses very very nasty.

V2 attack at 1.36pm, 11 February 1945  There were no casualties but Sundridge Park Hotel was damaged again.

Tylney Road:

site of Eastons Farm. Was the boundary of the Palace grounds.

Walpole Road

Upper Park Road/Orchard Road corner.

Freelands home of Free Lands Convent. Very old chest found in the cellar. Well Cottage supposed to be beams from Armada ships in



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