Thames Tributary Ravensbourne - The Quaggy - Sundridge Park

Thames Tributary Ravensbourne
The Quaggy continues to flow north west towards the Ravensbourne

Post to the north Elmstead Woods

Post to the west Plaistow

Garden Lane

Garden Road

Lodge Road
Brooklyn, Modernist house with glass panels and timber deck

Sundridge Park
Called ‘Sundresse’ 1210-12 - that is "the separate or detached ploughed land' - probably referring to arable land away from the main estate. Sundridge in Kent has the same origin. In 1227 Adam Le Blund, was in occupation and the Le Blunds owned th4e area until it was bought by the Booth Family and eventually was acquired by William Wilson, then Sheriff of Kent in 1766. His son sold it to. Edward Lind who sold it to Sir Claude Scott in 1796. The Scotts lived here until the estate was broken up at the beginning of the 20th.
Park. The original house was on the other side of the valley and in order to create a view in 1794 Repton lowered the slope by 30ft and with the spoil built a ramp to show off the new house. A planned lake had to be abandoned because the sub soil
Ice house Listed Grade II
Quaggy River appears in the park having run underground from the Kyd Brook in Chislehurst.  The river seems to be underground here
Sundridge Park golf club. In 1901 a group of Bromley men proposed a Golf Club" near 'Sundridge Park. And trying to raise £4,500 through debentures. Within three months the first meeting of the Club had been held and Willie Park was engaged to set-out the new course. It was opened by PM Balfour in 1902. It is in a park landscaped by Repton. Golf Club House. It is the only Golf Club in the world boasting two eighteen hole courses within 7 miles of a major city.
Sundridge Park House. Large, rambling and dazzlingly white. In 1796 the estate was bought by Sir Claude Scott. It is attributed to Wyatt although both Repton and Nash were consulted and it is a large, rambling building with three giant porticoes. Although its history is not clear it has a revolutionary, plan. The corridors run through the core of the house on both floors. There is a great deal of typical Wyatt plasterwork and Ceilings with small inset paintings in the manner of Angelica Kauffmann.
Stables. Yellow brick. North West of the house, Three-storeyed central pedimented pavilion with a cupola.
Two ice houses on golf course
Garden Wood
Park Wood
Boat House
High Grove


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