Thames Tributary Ravensbourne - The Quaggy - Chiselhurst

Thames Tributary Ravensbourne
The Kydbrooke/Quaggy flows north west towards the Ravensbourne. From the Hawkwood Estate towards Gosshill Wood.
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Suburban area of Bromley. Not as posh as Chiselhurst, but hopeful

Post to the north Chiselhurst
Post to the east Petts Wood
Post to the west Bickley

Barfield Road

Blackbrook Lane
Bromley High School for Girls. founded in 1883, it was originally situated in the middle of Bromley. In 1981 it moved to new buildings in Bickley
8-18 20-30 Estate cottages
Black Brook Wood
West Kent Golf Course. Provided by developers 1916 and was a bit posh. In the Second World War became an anti aircraft gun site and the club house was bombed. It was between the railway and Blackbrook Lane. After the war it was owned by the Bank of Scotland who leased it out to football clubs
Jubilee Country Park. Built on the old golf course site. After a number of enquiries to remove Green Belt status it was made public open space in 1977.62 acres of wildflower meadows, hedgerows and semi-natural ancient woodland. Interesting old ponds. Includes a track built to the gun site and a site near the railway signal box which had been cleared for a school.

Gosshill Road
Dead end of the road continues as a footpath along the Kyd Brook.  

Moor Grove
Old Chislehurst Station. On the crossing of the line from Chiselhurst and the one from Bickley . opened 1865 1st July on South Eastern Railway Direct line. as ‘Chiselhurst and Bickley Park’. 1868 resited

Chislehurst Junction. An important junction where the Southern Eastern Main Line and the Chatham Main Line pass over each other, with diversion chords between each line.
Bickley Junction

Thornet Wood Road
Bickley Manor Hotel. Originally known as Albyfield and built 1878. Home of John Scott.
Thornet Wood

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