Thames Tributary Ravensbourne - The Kidbrookes - Kidbrooke

Thames Tributary Ravensbourne
The Mid Kid Brook flows westwards down Shooters Hill Road but turned south west at Arnolds Farm and continues towards Brook Lane and onwards to the Quaggy.
The Upper Kid Brook rises in this area and flows south west

Post to the west Kidbrooke

Post to the south Kidbrooke

Begbie Road
the Kidbrook Parish Boundary comes here from Minnie Bennett House in Shooters Hill Road and then crosses Hervey Road sports field
Harvey Sports Ground. Kidbrook parish boundary goes from 1 Begbie Road to about 26 Eastbrook Road.
Upper Kid Brook may have risen east of this  road on the 130 ft contour 
Sports fields with London Women's Football Club 

Broad Walk
Playing fields. The boundary between the Samuel Montague sports ground and Old Askeans is the old boundary between Pear Tree Field and Thistley Hill Field.

Dursley Close
Kidbrooke Park Infants School 1952.

Dursley Road
The Kidbrook boundary runs to here from Brook Lane and then turns east
Sports grounds to the south.
The Mid Kid Brook is on the surface here and runs through this area to opposite St. John Fisher church.Cottages for groundsmen of the playing field, were farm cottages for Middle Farm

Farjeon Road
Road named for a popular novelist

Hervey Road.
Sir William Hervey bought the Kidbrooke Manor in 1690
Harvey’s sports ground. Harvey’s were metal fabricators based in Woolwich Road.
Upper Kid Brook rises in marshy area in north east corner in bend of the road at the Junction with Begbie Road.

Kellaway Road
This follows the line of the cart track between Middle Farm and Hill Farm. Arnold’s Farm was north of the road.
The Kidbrook boundary ran here from Dursley road and followed the line of the road
89 the Kidbrook boundary turns northwest here going towards Weyman Road.

Kidbrook estates
Built by the London County Council in 1940s and 1950s,

Merriman Road
Arnold’s Farm lay in this area but within a loop of Charlton Parish.

Rochester Way
On the line of Kidbrooke Lane. The Mid Kid Brook crosses it roughly north of the Dursley Road junction.

Shooters Hill
Cakehill Lane went north from Arbroath Road curving round the foot of the cemetery hill, before going towards Hill Farm and Shooters Hill Road by the present gate to the old Naval College sports ground
Fox Under the Hill
Marathon Sports Field. This was the Royal Naval College Sports Field.

Weyman Road
11 Kidbrook boundary comes here from 89 Kellaway and goes on to Shooters Hill Road
Mid Kid Brook running round the back of the shops
Whetstone Road
St Nicholas church. There was a church in Kidbrooke in the 12th thought to have been dedicated to St.Nicholas. The current Church is built on the foundations of a workmen's hut and on the 'hill' of the estates built in the 1950s. The hut had built in 1947 by the London County Council as a canteen. On Saturday afternoons the 'Hut' was swept and cleaned for use as a church. As well as Church activities, the 'Hut' was also used for social events as well and when it was pulled down became the site of the Vicarage. Money for the church was raised by door to door collections and other means. Building began in January 1953. The organ was built over 130 years ago for the Royal Herbert Military Hospital on Shooters Hill Road. The oldest thing in the church is the 17th Bell cast by Whitechapel Bell Foundry and acquired from Saint Mark's Bromley. It was recast at Whitechapel because of cracking. St Nicholas became an independent Parish on the 1st of May 2002,

Woolacombe Road
90-100 site of a farmhouse for Middle Farm. This was a dairy farm eventually taken over by the Express Dairy.

Wricklemarsh Road
Named for the neighbouring manor
Nine Fields. North of the railway line in the area now bounded by Wricklemarsh, Zangwill, Bournbrook Roads and Mayday Gardens, where the shape of the old hamlet could be easily distinguished.
25 Kidbrook boundary ran from Eastbrook Road to here


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