Thames Tributary Ravensbourne - The Quaggy - Mottingham

Thames Tributary Ravensbourne
The Quaggy continues northwards to the Ravensbourne

Post to the north Mottingham

Post to the east Mottingham

Alice Thompson Close
This is a continuation of Sydenham Cottages

Dunkery Road
Sports Ground

Grove Park Hospital.
Built as a Workhouse for Greenwich – so opposition from locals at the time. Designed by the Local Government Board Architect Dinwiddy. In 1904. During the First World War it became the Army Services Corps HQ and was used as a barracks. Transferred from the Metropolitan Asylums Board to London County Council and became a TB isolation hospital in 1926. Most recently it was used as a mental handicap hospital. Now private housing but the gatehouse and frontage have been kept. New housing estates have names relating to the hospital.  The Quaggy may have influenced the site.
Water tower

Grove Park Estate
Built by Lewisham council in the late 1920s. 44 acres

Grove Park Road
Once called West Chislehurst Park.
Eltham College. At the centre is a classical building built in 1856, originally known as Fairy Hall and part of an estate built on the site of an 18th building. From 1889 to 1911 it was the Royal Naval School, which had moved here from New Cross. In 1912 it became the School for the Sons of Missionaries, which had moved from Blackheath Village, and was then, renamed Eltham College. It has a classical portico and parapet, with a Flag- topped. Tower. Foundation stone of the Royal Naval School; 1843 moved here in 1889. Chapel of 1903, with patterned brickwork. Inside is a central hall, with a gallery, and a decorated roof. Former pupils of the college include Eric Liddell, athlete of Chariots of Fire fame, Mervyn Peake, author of the Gormenghast trilogy, and Fenner Brockway, former MP.
Very extensive grounds including one of the largest plane trees in London. In the park in 1585 three elm trees disappeared into the ground
Mottingham Sports Ground.

London Guildhall University Sports ground
Grove Park Ditch.  water from the sports ground feed into the Quaggy 

Marvels Lane
Widened in the course of house building. 
2 Sydenham Cottages. Pump in the garden of the first house. Alice Thompson Close is a continuation of these. Built for farm workers.
Sydenham Cottages nature reserveOriginal tree lined watercourse of the Quaggy
Green chain walk crosses the lane from the north 
Quaggy in a concrete channel here. Before cottages were built the river looped in a D shape but was later straightened.  Water enters the river from the fields here.
Footpath along the Quaggy from here to Chinbrook Road.

Winn Road
47 garden with borders, alpine beds, and three greenhouses 
Osborne. Defending London



We have a photo of Eric Liddell at Eltham College taken in 1914 so you can see what the uniform looked like:

Rob and Eric Liddell

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