Thames Tributary Ravensbourne - The Quaggy - Farnborough

Thames Tributary Ravensbourne
Streams that feed the Kyd Brook which becomes the Quaggy rise in this area and flow northwards to join the Ravensbourne.

Post to the west Locksbottom
Post to the north Crofton

Crofton Road
St.Paul’s Church Crofton. In the 1886 a meeting in Orpington, agreed to try and build a Chapel of Ease at Crofton. A site was offered by Mr John Locke Lovibond, of Starts Hill Farm, and a working party cleared the site of trees and undergrowth. the plans of Mr George St Pierre Harris, an Orpington architect, were chosen, as was the builder Messrs Hall of Croydon, and a fund raising party was formed the opening ceremony was 5th January 1888. The church soon got overcrowded at the services each Sunday and in the early years of the 1900’s plans were made for an extension .In the 1950s Crofton became a separate parish. And a new church of St Paul’s was built in 1953 By A. B. Knapp-Fisher. The church of 1887 is now the parish hall. lychgate

Darrick Wood
Development of Keniston housing Associations largest estate
Darrick Wood School. Harris College
Darrick Wood Swimming Pool
Darrick Wood Sports Centre
Ponds on the west side of the wooded area feed the Kyd Brook
Tile Farm Road
Newstead Wood Girls School.


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