Thames Tributary Ravensbourne - The Quaggy - Crofton

Thames Tributary Ravensbourne
Streams feed to Kyd Brook and Quaggy flowing northwards to the Ravensbourne
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Suburban area merging into countryside slowly

Post to the west Crofton Heath
Post to the north Petts Wood
Post to the south Farnborough

Bushey Avenue
V2 rockets fell on during the morning of 14 November1944 at 6.25am. Two died.

Crofton is the manor name and means ‘place on a rounded hill’: The Crofton Oak was a local symbol. There was a Roman farming estate of about 500 acres before AD 400. Revenue from here was given by Henry VIII to support St. Thomas’ Hospital.

Crofton Lane
Two cottages thatched, built as a stable.
81 Crofton Court.
Crofton Junior School
Crofton Infants School
Crofton Baptist Church and Hall
Petts Wood Recreation Ground.

Sparrow Drive
Roundabout Wood
Gumping Common. Broad-leaved woodland, with hawthorn and elder plus hazel and holly. The Kyd brook, flows north east in a deep channel. On the western boundary.

Towncourt Lane
V2 rockets fell on during the morning of 14 November 1944. The first was at 6.25am. Two died.

Blake.  Red Alert
London Borough of Bromley. Web site
Pevsner and Cherry. South London


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