Motspur Park

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Bodley Road

St James, By Newberry & Fowler, 1934.

Malden Road


Motspur Park

Originally Furse Farm 1623, Motes Firs Farm 1627, later Molts Spur Farm 1823, Mosper Farm 1876, that is 'farm among the furze or gorse belonging to a family called Mot', from Middle English furse and a local surname found in 14th-century records.   The Mot family owned a farm called Motes Firs – a farm surrounded by gorse bushes. Alternative spellings current in the 18th and 19th centuries like Nutcars Farm on the Ordnance Survey map of 1819 are also corruptions of the original form. By 1823 it was Motts Spur Farm and later still Mosper Farm. 


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