Wanstead - Golf course and basin

Blake Hall Road
Sports ground owned by the Council is the old Green and Siley Weir ground
A spring near here was develooed as a spa c.1619, and later a fountain was installed   

Bush Road
Friends Meeting Place. There since 1870 on the site of the Becontree Meeting place and archery ground.  It was  rebuilt in 1968 as a modernist hexagon.. At Becontree Dickens gave readings. Wooded burial ground including the grage of Elizabeth Fry who was one of the Quakers here.  Norman Frith 1968. It replaced a meeting house on the same site, adapted in 1870 from Becontree Rooms, bought by Joseph Gurney Barclay for the Quaker families who had moved here.

Overton Drive
Sports ground owned by Wanstead Sports Grounds Co to protect from Cowley Estates in 1920s
Linkside Lawn Tennis from 1913
St.Mary’s . 1796. It was built in 1787-90 by Thomas Hardwick, as directed by Sir James Tylney- Long, and George Bowles of Wanstead Grove, on a site given by TyIney-Long. Inside are box pews; a pulpit sounding board carried on two  palm-tree columns and steps with a wrought-iron balustrade Monuments: Sir Josiah Child 1699 
Churchyard, Large, with many chest tombs. - Fine classical monument to Robert Pamplin, Vice Admiral, 1824. Pedestal with naval trophies
Site of the earlier church marked by several 18th  ledger stones
Sentry box in the church yard. - against bodysnatchers. a stone box with tapered sides, built 1831 in memory of the Wilton family.
Ornamental gates from Wanstead House.
Stables of Wanstead House.  Brick piers with monogram.
Club house which is in painting by Hogarth

St. Mary's Road
Avenue of trees planted to provide a link between village and park

Wanstead Park 
The Basin is fed from Wanstead Ditch running through Voluntary Place south east from Leyton
The Maypole from the Strand held up largest telescope in Europe for Mr.Pound 
Stream also called River Holt.  Was for a while an open sewer - now culverted.  In 1878 West Ham Board secured a Chancery order restraining Leyton Board from letting sewage flow into the Wanstead ditch and then into the Channelsea.
Shoulder of Mutton pond, is fed from the basin west of the  house to which water was brought from Snaresbrook.
Straight part artificial canal;



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