Sudbury and Harrow Road Station

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Post to the west Sudbury Hill Station

Post to the north Sudbury Court

Post to the east not done

Post to the south Sudbury Town Station

Sudbury Elm Road:
Hundred Elms Farm 16th barn 17th said to be still occupied

Sudbury Court Road
Mock Tudor houses 1929 for developers Combers and Wakeling

Harrow Road
Sudbury and Harrow Brewery. Since occupied by Tasker & Booth, building plant and scaffolding hire.  Slate nameplate from entrance is in Grange Museum, Neasden. 
Sudbury School
St John the Baptist
Cottage Hospital
Workman's Hall
Young Men's Institute
Girls home of National Refuges Institute
St. Andrew

Roundtree Road
Sudbury and Harrow Road Station. 1910. Between Sudbury Hill Harrow and Wembley Stadium on the Chiltern Railway Line into Marylebone.

‘Suthbery’ 1282, ‘Sudbery’ 1294, ‘Sudbury’ 1382, ‘Southbery’ 1398, from Middle English bury in the sense 'manor house', with "south' to distinguish it from a lost place called ‘Northburie’ in the 16th. Sudbury lies to the south of Harrow, so Northburie may refer to the manor house of Harrow itself.
Odeon. Starkey, although his central recess is for once curved at this site

Watford Road
Vale Farm Sports Centre. 


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