Roxteth and South Harrow Station

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Post to the west South Harrow

Post to the north Harrow Roxteth

Post to the east Sudbury Hill

Eastcote Lane

Rooks Heath High School

Roxteth Manor Schools

Hornbuckle Close

Harrow School Laundry E. S. Prior 1887-8, the superintendent's house with workers' dining hall below. Mount Park Road

Mount Park Estate, where 'sites for residences that cannot be surpassed in any of the southern counties' were being advertised already in 1879.

Northolt Road

The remains of the older settlement replaced by offices near South Harrow station.  Miscellaneous development replacing c 19 artisan housing, 

British Legion HQ.  1928 by S. Pointon Taylor, .

Grange Farm housing by Harrow Architect's Department completed 1968, built on an industrialized system; .


Began as a separate hamlet, for which a church and school were supplied in the mid c19

Roxeth Hill

Christ church, 1862

Vicarage, now a nurses' home and much altered, is by George Peto, 1884-6

Roxeth schools

Harrow Hospital

Railway Line

Northolt Road Junction was north of South Harrow Station on the London side of the bridge over the Harrow/Northolt road.  Here the District Line from Sudbury met the Metropolitan Railway’s Uxbridge Line.

South Hill Avenue

South Hill Estate. Pointon Taylor and Raymond Unwin.  1910.

South Harrow Station. 28th June 1903. Between Rayners Lane and Sudbury Hill on the Piccadilly Line. Built as part of the Metropolitan District Railway Electric service from Ealing. The Entrance was on the main road. The area is really called Roxteth but the railway thought ‘South Harrow’ sounded posher. The original station building was located south of the existing station and was accessed from South Hill Avenue. It was similar to the building at North Ealing and remains, adjacent to the eastbound platform, in the car park on the north side of the tracks. In 1935 a new station was opened accessed from Northolt Road. This was designed by Holden as a graduated structure stepping up on each side to the platforms of the high level tracks. The brick walls and bands of horizontal glazing are capped with a series of flat concrete slabs

Sidings for the gas company north of Northolt Road. Coal train daily for the gas works.

Harrow District Gas co. works north of the station.  Opened in 1855 and got their coal from the canal wharf at Greenford Green. After 1904 it came via the railway.

Orley Farm School

Wyvenhoe Road

Weldon Park Schools


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