Neasden Station

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Post to the north Neasden Brent Reservoir

Post to the east Gladstone Park

Post to the west Neasden Works

Post to the south Willesden Mitchell Brook

Aberdeen Road

Burnley Road

Denzil Road
Willesden College of Technology 1934.  Taking over the buildings of Dudden Hill Lane School 1964.  Became College of North West London.

Dewsbury Road

Dudden Hill Lane
Weight restriction signs. On the side of the bridge carrying Dudden Hill Lane over the Metropolitan Railway there are two weight restriction signs erected by the M.R., one at each end of the bridge.  Needless to-say the restrictions imposed no longer apply
Dudden Hill Station.  3rd August 1875. built by the Midland railway on the line of 'super outer circle'.  St.Pancras to Earl's Court via Cricklewood the Midland & South West junction Line and the LSMR's Acton Curve. Originally called ‘Dudding Hill for Willesden and Neasden’. It was a red brick building entered from east of Dudden Hill Lane. Between 1888-1893 it was closed and in 1902 finally closed – but the building survived another 87 years. Two small platforms were used as coal offices until 1960.

Dudden Hill
‘Dodynghill’ 1544, ‘Doddinge Hill’ 1549, perhaps 'hill associated with a man called Dodd', from an Old English personal name with medial ‘ing’ and ‘hyll’, compare a nearby place called ‘Doddysforde’ 1475, 'Dodd's ford', from Old English ford. Alternatively, the names may contain an Old English word ‘dodd’, ‘dodding "rounded hill'. Name is recorded in 1363 – is there a link to the northern word ‘dod’ which means a distinct part of a hill.
Windmill on the hill from the 15th-18th and by the mid-19th the area was that of Dudden hill Farm. Later developed by the Dudding Park Estate Co.

Kendal Road

Fleetwood Road

Lancaster Road

Neasden Lane
Neasden Station.  2nd August 1880. Between Wembley Park and Dollis Hill on the Jubilee Line. On the Metropolitan Railway. Opened as ‘Kingsbury and Neasden’. The Only station on the Metropolitan to have platforms where the Great Central could stop.  Emergency in 2nd World War.  Retains much of original Metropolitan "country" style. 1910 name changed to ‘Neasden and Kingsbury ‘.  1932 Name changed to ‘Neasden’. 1939 Bakerloo Line. 1979 Jubilee Line.   Retains much of original Metropolitan "country" style.
Neasden Metropolitan Electric Substation, 1905, taking power from Neasden
Neasden Depot, Metropolitan Line new works programme, 1935-40, tarting up old loco works and carriage shed was Morleys cricket ground
Neasden temporary station. October 1940.  On the London North East Railway. A Temporary platform to handle traffic following bombing at Marylebone.  Only open a couple of months.
St Mary.  13th century.  Sundial.  1732. Norman font.  Brasses.  Charles Reade in the courtyard.  Belonged to St.Paul's because Athelstan deposed the Danes.  14th century door.  Elizabethan dining table for an altar.  Hatchments.  Brasses.
Neasden Generating Station Closed when Victoria Line opened and Lots Road upgraded, by the Brent, designed for tubes, built by Metropolitan demolished
Managers Housing. Between Quainton and. Verney Streets of the Midland Railway's workers' housing estate is a three storey terrace block built for the company's managers. The shop fronts are more modern.

Old Church Lane
King's Andrew
Ritz Cinema opened 1935
The Grange. The eighteenth century stables of 1700 house called The Grove turned into house called The Grange by owner of the main house, James Hall,. Used for a long time as local history museum and later a business centre.
Willesden Paddocks, Evidence of old building
St Andrews Old Church.  c12 to c13 church. Vacant and in a secluded overgrown churchyard, covered in graffiti. Listed monuments have been vandalised.
Churchyard with a number of good monuments including six listed grade II. Some tombs collapsing.

Railway Line
Loop line built from just west of Neasden Station, at Neasden North Junction, by the Great Central Railway to service the British Empire Exhibition in 1922.  Ran to just east of what was then Wembley Hill Station.


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