Brent Reservoir - Neasden

The Brent Reservoir
The Silk Stream and the River Brent flow south west through the Brent Reservoir.

Post to the north Welsh Harp

Post to the east Dollis Hill Paddock

Post to the south Neasden Station

Aboyne road
Wykeham Primary School. Wykeham was originally built in 1930 as a High School - Willesden’s Wonder School.

Brent Reservoir
Known as the Welsh Harp. Canal reservoir and now wildlife and recreation area.

Links Road
Braintcroft Primary School

Neasden Recreation Ground
Neasden Recreation Ground created in 1927 on land donated by developers. Open, flat parkland and sports pitches bordering the Welsh Harp Reservoir and the North Circular Road. It is a Site of Special Scientific Interest

North Circular Road
519 Old Neasden Library. This is now closed and has become the Shree Prajapati Community Centre

Braintcroft School web site
London Borough of Brent. Web site
London Gardens Online. Web site
Shree Prajapati. Web site
Wykeham School web site


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