Wembley Brook - Wembley Lyon Park

Wembley Brook

The Wembley Brook flows south eastwards

Post to the north Wembley Central

Post to the east Tokyngton

Post to the south Alperton

Dorothy Avenue
Named after the builder's daughter

Ealing Road
Shops on the corner of Montrose Crescent are on the Site of The Regal Cinema. This was built for Associated British Cinemas and opened in 1937.  It was designed by ABC’s architect William R. Glen and had an entrance curving round the corner with a small fin tower. Inside on the walls was a panel with scenes of deer and antelope grazing. It was re-named ABC in 1962 and closed on 1976. In 1978 it was re-named Metro Cinema, playing Bollywood films. This closed in 1983 and the building was converted into a garage and was demolished in 1987.
Wembley Central Masjid. The idea for this facility dates from the early 1980s when local Muslims bought a house which they soon outgrew and St. Andrews church was purchased. The church had been vacant for nearly 15 years and was listed in 1993. The Masjid committee refurbished it adding a bookshop, a tearoom and library plus an extension for funeral facilities and the Imam. Unfortunately a fire ensured but the damaged area has been replaced by a new floor plus a caretaker's residence.
St. Andrew's Church of the First Born. This was a Presbyterian church built in 1904 to the design of Thomas Collcutt and Stanley Hemp, in an arts and crafts style.
Church Hall to the north of the church now in use as a community centre attached to the mosque.
Ealing Road Methodist church. Dates from 1927. It now hosts services with Guajarati Christians
Alperton County Secondary School
Shri Vallabh Nidhi Mandir.  It took fourteen years to build of stone including ochre coloured stone from Jaisalmair, Bansipahad and Makrana marble and Jaisalmer lime stone carved in Sola in Gujarat.  It is on the site of Alperton County Secondary School. It was constructed according to the scriptures of the Hindu holy texts, and so contains no steel supports.  It opened in 2010 
Shri Sanatan Hindu Community Centre. Part of the temple complex.
Ealing Road library
145 Wembley Gospel Hall. The building was opened in 1924 by a group of local Christians who had come together 30 years earlier. The services include an input from Hindus from the Gujarat.
140 The Chequers. Demolished and replaced with flats
155-157 Alperton Baptist Church. Built in 1937

London Road
Dennis Jackson Centre, Youth Centre opened in 1972 following fund raising by local young people. Closed 2012 on health and safety grounds
Wembley Youth Centre
Copland School playing fields

Stanley Avenue
St James Church Centre. In 1890 the Wembley vicar, asked W.R. Lane, a missionary, to set up his tent in Alperton. In 1893 a mission room was provided and in 1896 a corrugated iron church. The parish of Saint James, Alperton, was created in 1904 and a church was built by W.A. Pite in 1912. In 1990 it was replaced by a barn shaped church built by Tony Rouse of the KC White Partnership.
Alperton Community School Upper School. This was previously Wembley County School, and was used as athletes’ accommodation for the 1949 Olympics. Built on the site of Alperton Hall
Alperton Hall. After the South African War in 1904 the Imperial Yeomanry School for Girls opened here to educate, the daughters of yeomen who died in the war. It was sold for a council school in 1920
1-3 2-4  Victorian cottages

Station Grove
Cedar Hall. Church of God

Union Road
Pavitt Hall

Vincent Road
Mount Pleasant Primary School

Tokyngton Avenue
Elsley Primary School

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