Eastcote - Ruislip Manor Station

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Post to the west Ruislip Station

Post to the north Eastcote Haydon Hall

Post to the east Eastcote Station

Post to the north Ruislip Manor

Acacia Avenue

Beech Avenue
Eastcote Hall Metropolitan railway estates. Built 1920s.
Eastcote Recreation Ground Middlesex County Council open space
Eastcote Hill Estate

Elm Avenue

Hawthorne Avenue,
Early bit of development in Eastcote British Freehold Syndicate

High Grove on site of Hale End rebuilt 1881 after fire. LA hostel
Highgrove House
Lime Grove
Early bit of development in Eastcote British Freehold Syndicate
Military hospital built in Second World War.  Became a barracks and then the Government Communications Headquarters. The two last Colossuses were brought here from Bletchley Park and remained there until GCHQ went to Cheltenham.

Linden Avenue

Morford Way

Morford Close

Myrtle Avenue

Oak Grove

Ruislip Manor
There was a small priory at Ruislip. The 16thManor Farmhouse is on the site of the Prior's house, and the 13th-century Great Barn  survives nearby. The old manor is referred to in Ruislip Manor, the  name of a station (opened 1912) and residential district which, like  neighbouring South and West Ruislip and Ruislip Gardens, is a 20th development
Estate. The Ruislip-Northwood Urban District Council held a competition for the planning of a garden city between Northwood and South Ruislip. The first prize was won by Westminster architects A & J Soutar with a grand boulevard, landscaping for Ruislip Reservoir and integrated groups of cottages, shops and villas. A company called Ruislip Manor Ltd was formed, and its prospectus stated: 'Ruislip Manor Limited aims at introducing all classes into the community . . . but it is not intended to indiscriminately mix all classes together, however'. A few houses were completed before the First World War, but the original project was never revived, but the route of some of the roads was kept. The area now called Ruislip Manor, which had been scheduled for twelve houses to the acre, was built up only in 1933-9 with speculative housing - George Ball's, Manor Homes which were partly built on area of Winchester estate to subsidise the station.  Small enclave 1920s by Telling Brothers. Regency.

Southbourne Gardens
Southbourne School

Victoria Road
Ruislip Manor Station. Opened by the Metropolitan Railway on 5th August 1912  because of development of the garden village built here in 1911. it closed from 12th February 1917, and stayed shut until 1st April 1919 but was later re-opened as ‘Ruislip Manor Halt’. Originally it was a wooden platform with field path for access & trains only stopped at request And it remained very lightly used for many years. Complete closure was considered in 1926, but a local developer paid to keep it open. in 1937 it was rebuilt as a Holden station But two wooden shelters remained from its earliest days..
St Gregory the Great
12 JJ Moon's


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