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Post to the north Child's Hill

Post to the west Cricklewood

Post to the south Kilburn Station

Post to the east West Hampstead

Asmara Road

Cricklewood Broadway.
Hampstead Cemetery 1871 Gothic Lodge, Mr. Cawls.  The cemetery is still used for burials but in addition to the area of well-tended graves are two pockets of woodland and a fine old hedgerow. Half of the cemetery is occasionally mown so that scrub while encroaching has not taken over areas of herb rich grassland which includes clumps of bird's foot trefoil. The ornamental trees grow alongside copses of ash and yew. However, the most notable feature is a boundary hedgerow mostly of hawthorn, which could well indicate 19C enclosure.
50-56 Beaten Docket

Ebbsfleet Road

Fordwych Road
St.Cuthbert. 1987. Replacement but better.  Bell from the old church in front

Manstone Road

Menelik Road,

Minster Road ,

Somali Road,

Westbere Road
Hampstead School, buildings originally for Haberdashers Aske's Boys' School which moved to Aldenham, Herts, in 1961. Main block of 1902-3, brick with stone dressings, a turret at one end, by Henry Stock of Stock, Page & Stock; technical block 1910, with bold upper lunettes, science block by Noel D. Sheffield, in the dry institutional classical of 1930. Behind, in a very different spirit, a square block by Stillman & Eastwick-Field, 1966, for the newly formed ILEA comprehensive (1,135 pupils).  varying fenestration reflecting a mixture of functions - classrooms, houserooms with dining areas, staff rooms.  Ranged around a central courtyard, which is on several levels, with a tree.


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