Hudson Town

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Post to the south Stratford

Post to the east Great Eastern Railway

Calderon Road

Chobham Road

Preserves the name of the old manor of ‘Chabhames’ 1412, ‘Chobhams’ 1488, apparently so called from a family called Chobham  - no doubt from Chobham in Surrey.

62 Chobham Arms. Green tiled pub. closed 1992 and became flats.

Downesell Road

Wanstead Board School 1887. infants in 1942

Drapers Field

1894, old brick field laid out for Drapers’ School as a playing field by the company

Frith Road

Goodall Road

A small suburban crescent, backed up against Leyton tube station, and crushed between the sunken motorway A12, and Leyton High Road.

Board School. Built 1895, modernised into a secondary modern in 1959.

Leslie Road


boundary along the Temple Mills stream, 1602 Shire stream, then Lead Mill stream then Waterworks river, filled in 1952

By the middle of the 19th century Low Leyton (as it was than known), was predominately rural areas, providing a setting for the houses of wealthy city merchants and businessmen such as the Charringtons, Buxtons, Barclays and Cottons. Thwew wAS forest, marshes, and farmland for the increasing London market. Leyton was Until the late c19 a straggling village with gentry houses and market gardens. Stations were opened on the line to Loughton in 1856 but transformation to A working-class suburb came later when workmen's fares were introduced on the Great Eastern Railway. The population rose from 10,394 in 1871 to 23,016 in 1881 and had doubled again ten years later. 

Leyton Road

Hariben Bachubhai  Nagrech Hall.  Hindu cultural centre.  Clements and Porter.2007

Major Road

Baptist Church

Millais Road

Newton Close

Bridge. Eighteenth century. New River Co.


Junction with underground and rail Leyton junction and interesting signal box

Stratford New Town

Was called Hudson Town after Hudson the Railway King. For housing railway workers. Part of it was built by Henniker. eg Henniker Road

Temple Mills

Roman urns & coins outside, Defoe said a Roman causeway through it



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