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Bensham Lane

Old route. Preserves the name of the old manor of ‘Bencheshom’ 12th century, ‘Bennechisham’ 1372, ‘Bensom’ 1721, that is 'homestead or enclosure of a man called Bynic", from an Old English personal name with either ‘ham’ or ‘hamm’.


Gravel pits

228 Victoria Cross pub

Brigstock Road

Gravel pits

Brigstock pub

19 Railway Telegraph pub

129 Brigstock Manor

Broad Green

Name of hamlet, owned by the Carews.  Name dates to 16th. Settlement on the edge of Croydon Common. Area of common land. Broad Green and Broad Green House were unenclosed area. Marked thus on the Ordnance Survey map of 1819, earlier ‘Brodegrene’ 1543, ‘Broodegreene’ 1573, self-explanatory, "the broad village green', from Middle English ‘brode’ and ‘grene’.

London Electric Hall


Broad Green House. Built 1807, later survived as a school.

Star Hotel. Built on the site of an old beer shop as the area ‘improved’.

Buller Road

Campbell Road/ London Road

West Croydon United Reform church Croydon's most ambitious spire 1886 Expensive carillon.  By Church, 1886, Gothic, Early English.

Canterbury Road

Library built 1998

Chatfield Road

Built on the grounds of Broad Green House

Chelsham Road

Dennett Road

Elmwood Road

Built on the site of Croydon Lodge


Garnet Road

Jarvis Road

Kidderminster Road

Broad Green Place was sited here and St.James' Road

Kimberley Road

Bensham Lodge

Kitchener Road

Knighton Close

Lawrence Road

Lodge Road

Vicarage in 1867.

Queens Hospital.  Italianate tower with pyramidal roof.   Remains of Croydon

Workhouse of 1865.  Rest destroyed in Second World War.

North Park in space with St. Saviour's Road

Lodges corner of St.James's Road

School 1892

Vestry Hall 1892

London Road

Junction with Thornton Road, gibbet

Brigstock House

Top Rank Suite

City House, 1963. Built by London Merchant Securities and leased to Phillips as their UK HQ.  City Homes bought it for conversion to flats 2006.

185 Stokes Fountains

530 Devonshire Arms pub

745 Horseshoe pub.

759 Wheatsheaf Pub, eighteenth century

774 Plough and Harrow pub

Congregational Church

Thornton Heath Bus Garage

Mayday Hospital Board of Guardians Hospital 1881-5. Unexploded bomb in the grounds. later extensions.

Royal Parade. Replaced a line of trees.  Imposing shops on part of the site of Broad Green Place.


Rising Sun

British restaurant. Purpose built building.  Backs onto the bus garage.

Thomas Tilling bus garage, 1915

Milner Road

Montague Road

Built on the grounds of Broad Green House

Natal Road

Nova Road

Built on the site of Broad Green Place. 

Rayleigh Rise

St.Saviour's Road

St.Saviour's urban renewal, Borough Architects Department. Quite a noticeable group in the poorer end of Victorian Croydon: church of 1867 by A. R. Mullins, with additions of 1880, polychrome brick, lancet style, with tower and spire. –


Thornton Road

Accumulators and Tabulators, later Power Samas, factory


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