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Post to the north Barkingside Mossford Green

Cranbrook Road

wrought-iron gates, gateposts, and railings of an 18th house called Great Gearies. The house itself was rebuilt c. 1900

Mossford Green

Mossford Green. Marked thus on the Ordnance Survey map of 1883, but as ‘Moss foot Green’ on earlier maps of 1777 and 1805, so possibly it means 'mossy foot (of a hill)', from Old English ‘mos’ and ‘fot’, with ‘grene’ for  'village green'. Subsumed into Barkingside after the construction of Eastern Avenue. This is the original name of the area.

Holy Trinity, 1840 population growth in the area justified the building of the church.  Built with funding from the Church Commissioners as a result of a local appeal towards a church, and a site was given by the owners .  of Gayshams Hall. The building still has the character of a country church of the earlier c19. 

Large burial ground.

Church Hall. 1969 by A.E. Heal

Longwood Gardens

Council flats on the site of Gayshams House which was bombed and destroyed in 1944.

Barkingside Cemetery. London Borough of Redbridge. Built in 1923/4  by Ilford Burial Board and split in two parts by the road. centre office like a wishing well with a dripping tap. Dr. Barnardo’s plot. No chapel. extension to it in 1954.


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