Chadwell Heath

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Bennett Road

Infants School, 1949 by Harold Bex County Architect. Single-storey classroom and an asymmetrically set rectangular water tower

High Road

Coal post . outside 403 at the point where the road name changes, which is also the line of the boundary

Easter pump on pavement

Havering Stone – on the boundary of Redbridge and Havering but set up to mark the boundary of Hainault Forest and the Liberty of Havering..

Library, 1998-9 by Laing Homes as dues for the right to develop the adjoining site. Square projecting, ball-finial led gable at the front

White Horse. Pub, recorded in 1602 but rebuilt c. 1899, when it had splendid gardens with pergola walks and rockeries of the type beloved of the Edwardians.

Mill Lane

Congregational church 1887.

United Reform church 1911 by C.H. Aumey. Ungainly stripped Perpendicular.

High Road/Whalebone Lane

Forest runs north along the Borough boundary.

At the crossroads was Whalebone House with the whalebones, now in Valence House. 

Dagenham Boundary with Hainault Forest was marked by the Havering Stone

Whale Bone Lane

Eastern Counties Railway depot.  Coke sheds, water tanks & engine house 1839.  Not known which side of the line

Hedge.  This hedge is a  fragment of the boundary between the lands of the Manor of Barking and of the Liberty of Havering Atte Bower. It is mentioned in an account of the perambulation of Hainault Forest in 1641, but is much older and probably dates from the granting of the Liberty in 1456. This makes it one of the oldest natural features of the Borough. It is 300 metres long in an east-west direction, north of Warren Comprehensive School. It is on top of an ancient bank with a wet ditch on the south. The wide variety of trees and shrubs there demonstrate its ancient character. The land immediately south of the hedge is leased by the Council from the Crown Commissioners and is used for sports by Warren Comprehensive School and others.

Whalebones were set up at the tollgate – from a stranded whale

Coal post. This was on the east side and 400 yards south of eastern avenue.  Now in Valence House museum


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