The London/Surrey/Buckinghamshire border Portlane Bridge

The London/Surrey boundary continues north across Kempton Park.
TQ 12 70

Post to the north Marling Park
Post to the south Bessborough
Post to the east Hampton and West Molesey and Platts Eyot
Post to the west Sunbury Kempton Park

Sites on the London/Richmond side of the boundary

Kempton Road
Grand Junction Reservoir. Thames Water draws water from the River Thames and on when it gets to Hampton, it goes into the Grand Junction Reservoir. This small reservoir is used to blend different source water and balance the flow into the works. The water from the primary filters g
oes under the Reservoir and six pumps lift the water into the ozone plant, where it is subjected to ozone dosing before passing to slow sand filters. Built by the Grand Junction Water Company but rebuilt after the First World War. It is used by large numbers of wintering birds.

Lower Sunbury Road
West Middlesex Water Co., two works divided by the Lower Sunbury Road, built 1890. Unfiltered water went to Battersea.
Water from the river was screened and there were three engines of 360 hp, built 1852. Originally there were two engines of 105 hp. & six boilers. There was a, 36' main in the river going to Barnes, and another engine to pump water to Barnes. A masonry & iron inlet took water from the river to the depositing reservoirs, which were single reservoirs lined with coarse gravel. The engine & boiler house were of Suffolk bricks, with a single Bull engine, standpipe in the tower, and a double cylinder engine to raise water from the natural filtration works at Lower Sunbury Road & Platts Eyot.
Cottages for workers.
River wall 14" & 9" thick, brown coping with a landing place for coal.

Sunnyside Reservoir. Built by the Southwark and Vauxhall Waterworks Company

OldField Road
Football ground. For the Hampton Rangers
OldField Works

Upper Sunbury Road
Portlane Bridge
St.Mary’s Lodge, care home was previously a cottage hospital
Playing Field
Hyde’s Field. Home of Hampton Rifle Club. Camping and caravanning.

Sites on the Buckinghamshire, Spelthorne, side of the boundary

Portlane Brook. The brook runs in a deep, steep-sided concrete channel whose banks have been invaded by scrub which is now maturing.
Portlane Brook Meadow. The meadow consists of rough grassland, with wild flowers such as common knapweed, bird's-foot-trefoil and white clover. An old hawthorn hedge in the middle of the meadow in the southern half is now a line of trees rather than a hedge.
Stainhill Reservoir east. Built by the Southwark and Vauxhall Waterworks Company. They are actually and have significant populations of wintering birds. Site of Metropolitan importance. With particular reference to its colony of tower mustard.
Stainhill Reservoir west as Stainhill East


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