The London/Surrey Boundary - Bonesgate

The London/Surrey/Kingston boundary continues up the Bonesgate Stream
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Sites on the boundary
Bonesgate Stream - the stream flows between Malden Rushett and the Hogsmill. It has recently been improved and flows through open space and a nature reserve in a natural course along the boundary of the wood and through open space in grassland. The woodland is coppiced hazel and supports goldilocks buttercup. There are many birds.

An area of mainly inter war and post war housing with many sports fields, and some factory and factory sites.

Post to the east Hogsmill and Bonesgate
Post to the south Castle Hill
Post to the West Chessington North and Hook

Sites on the Surrey, Epsom side of the boundary

Cox Lane
Community Centre

Sites on the London, Kingston side of the boundary
Jubilee Way
King George’s Field with a wide range of sports activities

Drake Road Open Space.
Open land along the Bonesgate stream. This is grassland with a belt of hornbeam and poplar along the meadow.

London Borough of Kingston, Web site


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