The London Surrey boundary - Claygate

The border of London/Kingston/Surrey comes northwards having just crossed the A3 and passes west of a footbridge. It touches the edge of Ruxley Crescent and then turns north east to touch the edge of the A3 and then back to past to the west of a patch of woodland and then again turns north east.
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Suburban area on the edge of Surbiton

Post to the east Chessington
Post to the south Claygate Common
Post to the west Claygate

Sites on the Surrey, Elmbridge side of the boundary

Claygate Common
A wooded area with oak, hornbeam, and beech. Birds include kestrel, sparrowhawk and green woodpecker.
Oak Cottage

Common Road
58 Griffin. Hidden away in a back street, a two-bar pub. the saloon features Mann, Crossman and Paulin windows.

Glenavon Close
19 garden artistically designed and constructed by owners with rockeries and ponds creating a tranquil setting; walkway across bridge to garden chalet; small woodland area; colourful planting in borders and containers.

Lower Wood
Ruxley Towers. 'Very bad stucco Gothic tower'. A belvedere added to main house 1872. Turned into flats. Frightening silhouette of gargoyles. Built by Lord Foley. Films: The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner.

Stevens Lane

Ruxley Ridge.
Junction pillar box
27 Catari. garden with shrubs and plants grown for the keen flower arranger. There is an unheated conservatory full of plants from all over the world and a collection of Bonsai trees grown from seeds and cuttings.

Griffin. Web site
Pevsner and Cherry. Surrey
Smythe. Londonwildspace


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