The London/Surrey border - Malden Rushett

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The London/Surrey/Kingston boundary goes along the edge of the Forest and turns west to cross Leatherhead Road and then swings north to the edge of D’Abernon Chase

Post to the north Rushett Common
Post to the east Ashstead Common
Post to the south Leatherhead

Sites on the Surrey, Epsom side of the border

Ashstead Common

Epsom Gap

Kingston Road
At the London/Surrey border this becomes Leatherhead Road
The Star – right on the boundary itself there seems to be some confusion as to which area the pub actually is – some rooms in Kingston and some in Mole Valley. In the 19th it was not only a pub but included rooms used as a school and lecture hall
Leatherhead Golf Course – over 100 years old and providing ‘parkland’ golf.

Leatherhead Road
At the London/Surrey border this becomes Kingston Road
423 The Shy Horse – once known as the Fox and Hounds
Coal post outside The Srar and actually on the border
D’Abernon House
This area is the Lion on the Kingston Zodiac with a Druids Grove on the way

Malden Rushett.
A crossroads hamlet in the southernmost part Kingston and London This was one of the Domesday manors of Malden – called ‘Rushett’ allegedly meaning rushes grew there. It is alos also known as Lower Chessington or ‘the Rushett’, and became part of Chessington in 1884.

Pachesham Park
Golf Centre – 9 hole golf course built by Phil Taylor,a professional golfer in the 1980s.
Pachesham Pond


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