The London/Surrey border - Thames Ditton

A square by square look at London
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The London/Surrey boundary goes straight up the middle of the river

The river Ember flows north east

This square includes only sites south of the river. To the north is a tiny stretch of Hampton Court Park

Post to the west Molesey
Post to the north Hampton Court and East Molesey
Post to the east Hampton Court Park and Thames Ditton to the south

South side - Surrey, Elmbridge

Queens Road
The Albany pub.  Also seems to be called the Six Continents, or The Fox on the River. Dates from 1896.
Dittons Skiff and Punting Club. formed in 1923 and hosts its own annual regatta
Riverside path

Speer Road
Hannibal Speer was Lord of the Manor at Ditton in the late 19th
Thames Ditton United Reform Church
Sports Ground

Summer Road
On the Kingston Zodiac this reflects the twin, the God of light
Ditton Field. Sports ground. Chain-link fencing, an all-weather hockey pitch and a line of boundary lombardy poplars

Thames Ditton
Copperas grounds here owned by the Steiger family in the 1740s then taken over by Charles Pearson, who controlled most of the copperas production on the Thames. Copperas is a chemical produced by the immersion of pyrites –picked up in the Thames Estuary – in water for long period. It was used as a black dye and for the production of sulphuric acid.
Tributory to the Mole

River Thames
Albany Reach

This work has been compiled over many years and from many different sources


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