The London/Buckinghamshire boundary - Feltham

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The London/Hounslow/Spelthorne boundary continues along the Feltham Hill Brook and then goes due north, zig zagging to meet Grovely Road and turn west.

Post to the west Felthamhill
Post to the south Kempton Park

The London, Hounslow side of the boundary

Felthambrook Way
Industrial Estates
Moat – remains of the moat connected with the palace in Hanworth Park. The original moat was roughly square in shape and would have covered a much larger area. It is thought it could have been a connected to the Saxon village of Hanworth which stood within the moat for the defence of the community during the Danish occupation. It is also thought that it could have surrounded a Danish or Saxon Castle.
Feltham Brook

Snakey Lane
Was previously Feltham Hill Road.
Open Space. Feltham Hill Carr used for horse grazing. The field has hawthorn and blackthorn and some elderly willows. There are also many thistles. There is some willow woodland with elder, hawthorn and bramble.
Nursery garden
Rugby Ground. Staines Rugby Club. Formed in Staines and then In November 1962, the Club moved here to 10 acres of land on a filled-in gravel pit. In October 1987 the hurricane uprooted 16 poplar trees and 6 smashed through the Clubhouse wrecking changing rooms, the main function room, but, miraculously leaving the two bars. As a result the club now has a brand new Clubhouse with gymnasium, and much function amenities.
Snakey Lane Allotments Association. Have a compost toilet which you need to be trained to use.
Croft Farm –wildflower grassland.

Sites on the Buckinghamshire, Spelthorne side of the boundary

Groveley Road
Keynington Recreation Ground. Women’s sports focus and lots of vandalism

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