The London/Surrey boundary - ..Hampton Court Park

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The London/Surrey boundary goes along the middle of the river, passing on the north side of Thames Ditton Island.

Post to the west Thames Ditton and Hampton Court Park
Post to the east Seething Wells and Hampton Court Palace Golf Clubhouse

This posting shows sites north of the river only in this square. South of the river is Thames Ditton

North Bank - sites in Surrey,Elmbridge

Barge Walk
Riverside walk - has an interesting range of plants, some preferring wet situations and some the drier bank top. A narrow strip of unmown grass along the sides had many plants some rare in London. There is some a self-sown woodland by the park wall, some planted hawthorn and cherry other trees growing at the water’s edge.

Hampton Court Grounds
Pavilion Terrace
The Pavilion. Stone pine in the grounds. Built in 1937 as a cricket pavilion and now a private health club.
Rabbit Warren – to provide supplies for the kitchen.
Home Park Golf Course and Club House. Opened in 1895 and remodelled by Willie Park Junior in 1904. It is the only golf course in a Royal Park. It has symmetrical lines of lime trees, roaming deer and oak tree – one of which is called the Mediaeval Oak (or Methuselah's Oak), and said to be 750 years old.


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