The London/Surrey boundary - Horton

TQ 18 63

The London/Surrey/Kingston boundary carries on south down the path and then turns south west to go along the northern boundaries of Four Acre Wood and Peaked Riding

Thames Tributary Bonesgate - The Bonesgate rises in this area and flows north east towards the Hogsmill

Post to the north Chessington
Post to the east Horton
Post to the south West Park

Footpath between Epsom and Chessington was carried by a footbridge over the light railway.

Sites on the Surrey, Epsom side of the boundary

Four Acre Wood
Horton Light Railway junction at the wood was the only double track on the line. A branch line went from here to Sherwood – the power plant for the whole complex

Horton Country Park
North Farm Cottage
Aeronautical Radio Station

Pond Wood
Crater beside a path in the wood was caused by bombing in 1941 when it is thought the clay dam of the pond was breached and the pond drained.Horton Light Railway line embankments are used as paths in this area. The line between Pond and Four Acre Woods was on a steep gradient

This material comes from many sources and has been compiled over many years. I would like to draw attention to articles in London Railway Record on the Horton Light Railway

Sites on the London, Kingston, side of the border
Bonesgate Stream


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