The London/Surrey Boundary. Woodmansterne

TQ 27 61

The London/Surrey/Sutton boundary goes from Ruffett Wood and turns west to cross Carsthalton Road north of Firtree Cottages then goes north up Carshalton Road for a short distance and then turns west to reach a path. It goes north up the path and up the west side of a belt of woodland to reach Oaks Farm.

Sites on the Surrey, Banstead side of the boundary

Post to the north Oaks Park
Post to the east Woodmansterne

Barn Grove

Carshalton Road
Pastures protected field.
Firtree cottagesWoodmansterne Primary School
Clockhouse Farm
Village Hall

Hillside Cottages
Hylands Nurserys
Rose Cottage

Rectory Lane
Manor Cottage farm

Weston Acres

Sites on the London, Sutton side of the boundary
Croydon Lane
The Junipers
Oaks Farm. The farm is a semi derelict structure with amazing wooden gables and fancy woodwork, Horses etc
Mayfield Lavender. Largest organic lavender grower in the UK promoted by a major costmetic company. Traditional crop

This material has been compiled over many years and from a wide variety of sources


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