The London/Buckinghamshire border - Kempton Park

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The Spelthorne/London boundary goes north west across the railway and the M3. It turns north to skirt the eastern edge of the filter beds and cross the Staines Reservoirs Aqueduct it then goes in a curving line north west along the Feltham Hill Brook.

Post to the north Felthamhill
Post to the east Kempton Park

Sites on the Buckinghamshire/Spelthorne side of the border

Hanworth Road
Cantrell and Cochrane became part of Coco Cola. 19th mineral water manufacture
236 Cross Lances. Dark-red tiled Victorian local, with an extended saloon giving wheelchair access from the award-winning garden.
Hanworth Water Works. For the East London Water Co. 1890 5m gall reservoir, six filter beds. 5 acres. Wells, etc. four engines 620 hp, 19 miles to Finsbury Park, chimney of 250' height. Plan to build a theme park. Refused permission but still the idea about. Some ducks but not many, they don't like it
Pumping Station

Kempton Park Racetrack
Grandstand.From the first floor are views of the course and the Winning Post, a balcony overlooks the Parade Ring and the Winners Enclosure. The area also allows access to all other racecourse facilities. Restaurants, food hall, bars.

Park Road
Kempton Park Station. Between Hampton and Sunbury on South Western Trains. In 1878 a platform was built south of the line near the grandstand. It was only open for the racecourse. The racecourse directors eventually paid half. Only used by members and race trains. A second platform was built in 1879. In 1890 it was rebuilt with a long footbridge and a covered way to the racecourse. It had an extra long down platform for Members’ Only Specials. The public could use it after 1890 that but only to go on race days and the only exits were through the race course. It was further improved in 1930.

Railway Line
Sidings built alongside the up line in 1904 for the Metropolitan Water Board. These were abandoned when water works were converted to oil burning in 1947.
Hanworth Road Sidings for Metropolitan Water Board between Sunbury and Kempton Park. Closed 1956

Sunbury Cross
Meeting place for ancient trackways. It is said to be a ley centre; one of its leys is the Silchester Ley, and also the Egham Causeway ley through the Negen Stones site goes through it. Once there was a large Victorian clock tower in the centre but this is now on the side in a small sunk area. A huge mound supports the road. It is now the terminal of the M3
Pyrene House. Siefert 1966. Two 13 storey blocks. Now Sony

Sunbury Common
British cemetery. Small graves on 32 acres of ground. It is now 18' down, and damaged by ploughing. Some graves were in lines running east/west & some in semi-circular groups. There were some pots with cremations. Excavated in 1870
Staines Reservoirs Aqueduct

Staines Road
On the Kingston Zodiac it is the outline Taurus rump

This material is gathered over many years and from many different sources


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