The London/Buckinghamshire border - Bedfont Lakes

The London/Hounslow/Spelthorne boundary runs south west on the railway line, crossing Clockhouse Lane. And then turns north to thread between the lakes, and travel north up Harrow Road
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Worked out gravel pit now used as leisure areas - fishing and nature walks. The area is intersected by the main line railway to Staines.  This is in the hinterland of Heathrow Airport and although there appear to be leafy lanes there are huge depots here.

Post to the north West Bedfont
Post to the east Bedfont Lakes

Sites on the London,Hounslow side of the border

Ascot Road
Business centre with Airfreight and AirCargo service centres.

Bedfont Lakes
Gravel pits and before that market gardens. Many locations to the east of this.
Nature Reserve. In November 2000 Bedfont Lakes Country Park gained Local Nature Reserve status and was designated as a Site of Importance for Nature Conservation (of Metropolitan Importance) . There are over 390 species of plants which those in include: Wet Willow Woodland, Lowland Dry Neutral Grassland, Water Bodies, Reedbed/fen, and Scrub. there is also a good variety of Fungi and Lichen By 2008 156 species of birds had been recorded. Mammals include Foxes, Rabbits, Stoats, Bats, Field and Bank Voles and Wood Mice. A Common Lizard was seen in 1997 and in 2008 two juvenile Grass Snakes were found along the Railway Line path grasslands. Amphibians included frogs and toads, newts. Fish include Pike, Tench, Common and Mirror Carp, Perch, Bream, Roach and Rudd, and Stickleback. There is a long stretch of bare earth bank which provides a habitat for mining bees and solitary wasps.
Ephemeral ponds along the railway line are particularly important for wildlife, including amphibians.
Fishing Lake. The Fishing Lake is managed by The Barnes and Mortlake Angling and Preservation Society. It is also known as Clockhouse Pool
New Lake
North Lake – there was a small quarry adjacent to Clockhouse Lane. The only remaining feature of this extraction site is Finger Island next to Black Hide, which formed the southern boundary. It was later turned into a fish pond. North Lake is the largest of the lakes and Pike grow very large. Birds to hunt fish underwater including; Cormorant, Smew, and Great Crested Grebe.

Clockhouse Lane
Bridge Farm, St.George’s Nursery
Bedfont Lakes Visitors Centre

Sites on the Buckinghamshire, Spelthorne side of the border

Road off to Ashford Smallholdings Estate
Princes Water Ski Club.

Barnes and Mortlake Angling and Preservation Society. Web site
Bedfont Lakes. Web site
London Borough of Hounslow. Web site
Smythe. City Wildspace


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