The London Surrey boundary - West Park

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The London/Surrey/Kingston boundary down the north side of park wood and continues south down a path to cross Christ Church Way.

Post to the north Horton

Sites on the Surrey Epsom side of the border
Christchurch Road
Road name changes to Rushett Lane on the London border
Hollywood Lodge. Georgian House used for a whole as part of Horton Hospital.
Coal post south side of the road at the point where the road changes to Rushett Lane. In the hedge of Glanmire Farm.

Horton Lane
Laundry Cottage

Pond Wood

Rushett Lane
Road name changes to Christ Church Road on the London border
Glanmire Farm – Livery stables
Coal post. North side of the road in Stew Pond Valley
Stew Pond Valley. ‘Stew’ in relation to a pond usually means that it was a pond used to for fish, kept for food. This pond was owned by the Abbey of Chertsey as part of their Epsom Common land holding and probably built by them. The water in the pond comes via a spillway

West Park Hospital
West Park hospital or Astylum was not finished until 1924, although effectively complete by 1917. the Horton Light railway was extended here in 1915 to supply and construct the hospital. It was designed by William C. Clifford-Smith,architect to London County Council on the American ‘colony’ principle. It could take 2,000 patients. It had kitchens, padded cells, a water tower and a ballroom. It was closed in the 1990s and derelict by 2005.
Parklands Day Hospital
Epsom and Ewell Cottage Hospital – 20 bed GP oriented hospital on the site
The Poplars - rehabilitation and care for people with head injuries

Woodcock Corner
This is the edge of the common, south of Glanmire Farm and where the London border enters the common..
Coal post 250 yards south of the farm

This material comes from many sources and has been compiled over many years.


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