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Glebe Quarry

Glebe Quarry. Work on the M23 in 1972 (not surprisingly) exposed fuller's earth when the motorway alignment intersected the A25. This stimulated extraction in the area north of the ridge between Nutfield Church and the line of the motorway. This lasted until the late 1980s. Subsequent landscaping has left a lake at the north west corner of the site. Apart from the water, this is part of a large fuller's earth pit left in its working state.

Pendell Road

Pendell Court red-brick  built in 1624. a large Jacobean mansion standing in a picturesque and well-wooded park and now occupied by the Retired Services Club. a many-gabled  mansion in a pleasant park

East Surrey Water Company Pump House Site 138

Pendell House. has been attributed to Inigo Jones 1636.

Pendell Camp. Operations Room. When the M23 was constructed it severed a WWII site at Pendell Camp. This military camp was started in 1938 and was associated with a searchlight battery. For some time after the war, huts on the site were used for non-military purposes. In 1961 the inhabitants of  Tristan da Cuna were evacuated there because their island was threatened by volcanic action. After the arrival of the motorway, Gipsies took over the eastern part of the site. On the western part of the site, a military bunker still exists in an active state. This is presumably the WWII operations room but refurbished for nuclear war.  In the book, War Plan UK, by Duncan Campbell (1983), the site is described as originally an anti-aircraft operations room, but as the Metropolitan Police War HQ (South) in its latter day

Pendell mill 


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