Bovingdon Airfield

Just finished for the RAF when US entered the Second World War so it was lent to USAF as a training centre. Later became a youth custody centre called The Mount


Bovingdon Well to Granville Ryder with pump

Bovingdon Grange

A remote village which lies in a shallow hollow.


Church Street


St. Lawrence, on site of earlier church, 1400 knight's tomb yew trees in churchyard flint edifice originally built about 1200 and rebuilt in 1845 in the Gothic style. The embattled and pinnacled tower at the western end has a clock and three bells. has a prominent tower which has, in the past, served the  inhabitants well. Cussans, in his history of Hertfordshire, written in 1879, gives a glimpse of what happened:  'If the weather were fine, a man was stationed on the top of the tower of Bovingdon church, whence he commanded a view of the road leading to Hemel Hempstead. If he saw the parson or his curate approaching, he would descend and ring the bell to summon the parishioners to church. If it rained or snowed, it was quite unnecessary to place a man on the look-out. ... A labourer, not fifty years old, told me that he had often known a corpse, when become too offensive to keep longer in the house, to remain for three, four, or even five days in the church, before a clergyman from the mother church could be procured to perform the burial service. 


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