Reigate West


Colley Lane
Pavilion Cottages. Lutyens.  Cottage at either end and cricket pavilion in the middle

North Albert Road
White Stevenson Ltd. 1921 made food flavourings. Tangye twin cylinder steam pump, Howden high-speed engine and a Pearn vacuum pump

Nutley Lane
8 Nutley Hall

Park Lane
3,4,8 Inglenook.  mine remnants in the back gardens. The Inspector of Mines recorded that the mine was being worked from 1896 to 1900. The owner was Lady Henry Somerset and the Agent F.H.Pollen. It is in the Lower Greensand Beds. It was probably ,once more extensive and has been eroded by open quarrying.  
Bellingham’s Victorian butcher’s shop

Upper West Street
20 simplest possible 18th house

West Street
15 Burtonshaw's Carriage works, 1830, made carriages, became a builders merchant
17th forge
Pilgrim Brewery
31 Ogee windows
22 Browne’s Lodge. Best house in Reigate. Coade stone plaque
Old West Street House 1720


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