Ayot Green



Has made a terrible gash of Digswell Hill.

Ayot Green

Ayot Green stands at the top of the crest which divides the valleys of the Lea and the Mimram (that is, the babbling brook),

At the junction of the Lea and the Mimram.

Waggoner’s Inn separate from the Highway.

Great North Road

Mountain Slough was the original deep waterlogged valley into which the road ran after Ayot Green.

cutting. Late in the coaching area the Digswell Hill incline was improved. It is engineered at a modest gradient and shows how planning can eliminate difficult gradients and bends.  Later doubling the carriageways of the northern highway has resulted in a new alignment.

the woods are Sherrard and Digswell Parks.

The Frythe


Digswell Hill

Incline engineered in the coaching era to a modest gradient and done very well. Carriage way doubled and alignment near the Lea.


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