Box Hill


Box Hill

Named after the box trees which grew here in great abundance until cut down in the  early 19th century.

National Trust is now the owner  and 900 acres of surrounding heath, grassland and woodland, including 230 acres given by Mr. Leopold Salomons,  From this grassy ridge of downland there are excellent views of the Surrey and Sussex Weald and beyond.

Salomon's monument on Box Hill. useful memorial is a view-indicator

remains of the old Box Hill road, which in earlier days went from Betchworth to Leatherhead over Box hill to avoid the Mole valley.

Box Hill is deservedly popular and you are unlikely to have the grass slopes to yourself. It is a day out for Londoners to admire the views, sleep on the grass, picnic, play games or just relax. The best views are after a thunderstorm or on a dry winter's day. You should be able to pick out Leith Hill most days, and sometimes, in the distance the South Downs with the trees of Chanctonbury Ring as the most conspicuous point. Box Hill is a big hill and there is lot on it to see.

South face of the hill overlooking the Weald. The chalk down here has the biggest collection of bryophytes on English chalkland.  The steep escarpment here is dry and warm.  Typically chalk mosses are found here called carcicole some of these quite unusual


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