Royal Earlswood Hospital. This was a huge building with a central tower. It was originally the Earlswood Institution for Mental Defectives founded in 1847 and incorporated by Royal Charter in 1862. It was considerably enlarged in 1870, and in 1903 new buildings meant they could take 600. The site had its own waterworks, gas works and electric generators. Closed in 1996.
Staff Recreation Block. 1976.
Secret tunnel.  In 1987 several newspapers pursued a story that a number of relatives of the Queen Mother were kept in a mental home near to Redhill.   This story included a story about the a special tunnel was built from Redhill Station to the hospital to allow discreet visits from VIP relatives.

Three Arch Road
Canadian Road. The East Surrey Hospital stands at the end of a concrete road built by the Canadian forces in the Second World War and which never used after the War. It runs from South Nutfield and although its original purpose is obscure it would have formed a bypass around Redhill linking the A25 and A23.

East Surrey Hospital dates from the early 1980s and took patients from the old Redhill General Hospital.


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