Welwyn Garden City


Broadwater Road

Unexplained tunnels

Shredded Wheat factory by the same architect as the City, Louis de Soissons. It is a prominent landmark close, to the railway station with a strong North American feel to it. The Shredded Wheat Company of Canada was persuaded to build its European factory here. Shredded wheat was the invention of Henry Perky an American lawyer. In 1908 a company was formed in England to import and distribute shredded wheat. The factory, is described as a 'palace of crystal'. The concrete and glass buildings are a well-known feature of the town. The factory, originally owned by Welgar, was taken over by Nabisco in 1938, and later by Nestle. It was extended in 1939 and again in 1959. Listed grade II.

ICI Plastics Division

Ludwick Way

St Michaels. like the others founded in 984 by Abbot Ursinus. Statue of Francis Bacon.

Methodist Church

Woodhall Lane

Our Lady Queen of the Apostles

United Reformed Church


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