Kings Langley


Langley Hill

76 A 6 ft shaft was fond in the front lawn. It was a former well shaft - now dry. It was 143 ft deep, brick-lined at the top and then cut through chalk. 15 ft. from the bottom was an adit 15ft. long.

Second World War bunker. A lid covers a concrete shaft 15 ft. deep leading to a chamber 20ft. by 8ft.

Rufolf Steiner School. 

Remains of palace under the gymnasium. This was the Royal Palace of Chilten Langley built by Henry III and used by the Plantagenet kings. Not used after 1538 and sold by Charles I. The park returned to agricultural use in the 17th

Friary remains. medieval barn and room which Edward II endowed as a Dominican Friary. Some 14th-century arches are incorporated in the school on the site. murdered Richard II, was originally buried there but removed in 1413 to Westminster Abbey.

Old Palace Inn.

King's Langley

Omelette Club


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