Reigate Heath


Buckland Road.
Flat Victorian letterbox.

Reigate Heath
Bronze age burial mounds

Flanchford Road
Reigate Heath windmill. Round house is a chapel. Internal machinery still there. 18th century.  Restored by council for £3,500 in 1964.  Last used 1868.  Decorative sweeps. Post mill from 1765 converted to a chapel in 1880 after not being used for 12 years. Could not have worked efficiently on its present site.
Monumental Mason.  Mr.Francis 1866-1917.  Carving on the side of the house now a garage
Racecourse.  1834-39.  Meeting on Wednesdays and Thursdays after Epsom.  1863 tried again.  Western edge of heath.  Site west of Flanchford Road.  1834- 9

Reigate Road
Shagbrook where George Livesey lived.


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