Nutfield Cormongers

 Post to the east Nutfield High Street

Cormongers Lane

Cockley Works. Fullers Earth Works. Side trails on the mine. Large pits were worked here for over 100 years into the 1980s but the plant was stripped out in 1981 and finally demolished in 1988. The pits were then used for land fill which was completed in 1993 and the site landscaped.

Fullers Wood Lane

Green Hut. This stood at east corner of junction of Fullers Wood Lane and the A25. and contained an electrical transformer but in 1982 it was identified as the site remains of vestiges of underground workings. Underground galleries of abandoned mines have sometimes been uncovered by later working. There was a nearby collapse of the A25 in 1962,

Paterson Court

Old underground workings and near Fullers Wood Lane


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