Thames Tributary – Redhill Brook - Warwick Wold

Thames Tributary – Redhill Brook
The Brook flows south east towards the Salfords Stream

Post to the west South Merstham
Post to the east Whitehill
Post to the north Rockshaw Road
Post to the south Nutfield

Mersham Road
Caravan Park
Disused workings. Old domestic landfill

Oakwood Road
Warwick Wold Farm – locally listed as a “building of character”
Chapel Cottage – was previously St.Andrews church. Mission church opened 1912 and closed 1975
Warwick Wold Balancing Pond which filter sediment and pollutants from motorway run-off water before it flows into the Redhill Brook
Yew Tree Cottage

Pendene Kennels
Nuttings were wholesale seed merchants from 1842, in Southwark Street. They had a seed farm here from the 1930s. They were bombed out in London in 1940 and they used outbuildings at Pendene as a warehouse, and Pendell Lodge as offices until building new offices post war

Water Lane
Lower Pendell Farm
Pendell Farm Cottages
Roman building - Roman and medieval pottery recovered from crop marks sites here.


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