Thames Tributary River Mole - Dovers Green

Thames Tributary River Mole
The Mole loops north and then flows southwards

Interesting area with lots of Second World War defence structures around a main road river crossing

Post to the south Sidlow
Post to the east Lonesome Lane

Dovers Green Road
The Crawley Road. First Surrey road to be improved 1696 as a saddle horse road but not for carriages until 1755. In 1820 the gradient was lowered

Dovers Farm Barn. Late 17th with end of 16th barn, Listed grade II. Timber frame with 20th weatherboarding. Plinth of brick and sandstone rubble. Cart-entry with the posts of the original cart door in position
Sidlow Bridge
Defence structures - Sidlow Bridge lay on GHQ Line 'B', when the line began to follow the course of the River Mole to link up eventually with the Rivers Eden and Medway. It was a defended locality, probably manned by troops from the 1st Canadian Infantry Brigade and it commanded the direct road approach across the Mole towards Reigate, which was a Class 'A' nodal points including the headquarters of South-East Command. The bridge was heavily fortified, and the prepared for demolition. Double-line of anti-tank cubes were on the south-east side of the bridge. These were removed in the 1950s Infantry pillboxes stand to the north-east two type 24 are sited on a low ridge above the river. Infantry pillbox to the north on a low hill
Anti-tank gun emplacement north east of the bridge, this is used as a cattle shelter, the circular holdfast to mount the 6pdr. gun is still in position. Pillboxes, type 24 – line stand alongside the footpath that runs eastwards towards White Owl Farm
Sidlow Mill. This was the earliest mill mentioned on the Mole, there are Saxon references. There are documentsary records from 1279.  Closed in the 18th for reasons which are unclear, some traces of the mill leat remain.

Kiln Plantation
Broad Ten plantation
Ninety Three plantation
Twelve acre plantation
Reigate Grammar school Hartswood Sports Ground

Sidder. Water Mills of Surrey


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