Thames Tributary Redhill Brook - south Nutfield

Thames Tributary Redhill Brook
The Brook flows westwards

Post to the north South Park
Post to the east Nutfield
Post to the south Redhill Aerodrome

King's Mill Lane
Kings Mill. The exaxct site if the origin mall is not known The current corn mill now offices ;was built before 1768 and is shown on the Rocque's map. A small weatherboarded mill which  stopped using water-power in 1944 but corn milling continued by electricity until 1963. The last use was for milling animal feed sold through a shop in the village.  There was a Cornish boiler and steam engine on site for a while.
The pond has been filled in and the river diverted away from the mill site.
Engineering works 1960s.

Canadian Road
Canadian Road a concrete road built by the Canadian forces

Redhill aerodrome
A pillbox, type 214, facing north at the northern part of the aerodrome. Part of the line from 1940 which runs through Tandridge District and was part of the General Head Quarters Line from the Bristol Channel to the Thames estuary. Pillboxes were built 100m apart and Royal Engineer commanders used local builders.
Structure, which resembles a pillbox from a distance but is in reality a brick wall enclosing a hexagonal area the size of a pillbox.
Pile of brick and concrete rubble seems to indicate the former presence of a pillbox or brick-walled enclosure
Line of hangars in use by business including Brake Bros food business
Wings Museum – this has moved from Redhill to near Balcombe in Sussex
Robin Cooks Farm

Staplehurst Farm

Stidder. Watermills of Surrey
IA of the Tandridge District


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